FREEZIE Jolly crunchies 3oz are the best way to eat candy! It’s like trying your favorite candies all over again. These are sold in a reusable tub that helps protect them in shipping! We can’t wait for you to try these! So many different way to enjoy them! Try dropping them in a soda! Ever seen a cake topped with them? Try it! Then tag us on Facebook or Instagram @gentlegiantsfarm Disclaimer— This type of FREEZIE candy is very delicate and break easily, if ordering with shipping please be advised your candy may arrive more crumbly then pictured. Please still enjoy your candy! Many have told us they dust rims of drinks with the dust, top cakes, pour into lemonade, or eat by the spoonful! Thank you soMuch!

Jolly Crunchies 🌈 (read discription) 🚨FRAGILE 🚨

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